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When I am board I find my mind doing math problems.


My one wish is to see peace in my life time. To see no more hurt or suffering. But in the world we live in that is all there is so just kill me no and get it over with.


This is me
Don't like
Don't care.
I have my life
Ad you have yours
So hear I am
Don't care what ya think
Spellin is bad
So is my stink
Tips me not you
I take care of my self
This is me
In the corner of the room
Stayin out of trouble or at least that is what you think
Smiling makes all the difference.

Thanks for reading


Every time you say your going to get ride of the Internet I die a little inside this is we're I talk to my friends and and live my life away from you. And you know it.


Thanks for people trying to help me.


Never will I live forever

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